Klein-Layton-Richler Library

Some of the most well-known graduates of Baron Byng include major Canadian literary figures such as poets A.M. Klein (BBHS ‘26) and Irving Layton and the renowned Mordecai Richler (BBHS ’48). Here we have gathered a library of books by alumni. The selection provided here gives a taste of the richness of the school and those who went on the become authors.  For a more complete listing of each of their bibliographies you should consult the Library and Archive Canada and the Library of Congress.  Enjoy browsing!!!

Sacvan Bercovitch (BBHS ’50)

Sacvan Bercovitch, a distinguished literary scholar who traced America’s self-image of “exceptionalism” to the rhetoric of the colonial Puritans of New England, died on December 9, 2015  at his home in Brookline, Massachusetts. Werner Sollors, a professor of English literature and African-American studies at Harvard, where Dr. Bercovitch taught from 1983 until he retired in […]

George Ellenbogen (BBHS ’51)

After graduating from Baron Byng, Ellenbogen studied literature at McGill University and Tufts University in Massachusetts. Between degrees, he worked in the Arctic and lived for extended periods in Mexico and in England. Until his retirement in 2004, he taught poetry at Bentley College in Massachusetts. His poems have appeared in several anthologies and in […]

A. M. Klein (BBHS ’26)

Klein’s career as a poet began early. During his years at McGill he published poems in The Menorah Journal, The Canadian Forum, Poetry (Chicago), and elsewhere. His interest was quickened by his association with the “Montreal Group” of poets and writers, which included A. J. M. Smith, F. R. Scott, Leo Kennedy, and Leon Edel […]

Irving Layton (BBHS ’33)

Layton published his first poems in the Journal First Statement, which ran from 1942 until 1945. Layton’s poems are known for being candid and colorful, often critiquing Bourgeoisie culture. Some of his famous works include Berry Picking, The Birth of the Tragedy, and The Cold Green Element. By the mid 50s, Layton was more prolific […]

Mordecai Richler (BBHS ’48)

In 1949, after a brief stint on the staff of the Montreal Herald, Richler began traveling in Europe and eventually spent an extended time in Paris, where he published his first piece of fiction, “Shades of Darkness (Three Impressions)” in the literary magazine Points. Encouraged by this early success, Richler also worked on the manuscript […]

Renee Rodin (BBHS ’62)

Writer, visual artist, and cultural worker Renee Rodin was born and raised in Montreal. Spending a year in London, England, after graduating from Sir George Williams University, she returned to Vancouver,  in the 1960s. In the 1980s she founded the bookstore R2B2 and ran its regular readings series for eight years. She was literary co-ordinator […]

Isadore Rosenfeld (BBHS’ 43)

A distinguished doctor,  Rosenfeld is best known as a medical media luminary.   He has published numerous books on medicine and health aimed at the general public and many of them have been best-sellers. Up to 2011, when he retired,  he appeared regularly on numerous television shows including “Hour Magazine” and “CBS Morning News” which have […]

Reuben Ship (BBHS ’34)

Ship was a notable Canadian playwright and scriptwriter. His interest in theatre began when he directed plays for a local theatre group affiliated with the YMHA. Many of these plays were anti-fascist and were intended to raise money for the war effort. Ship eventually settled in New York City. He was investigated by the House […]

Lionel Tiger (BBHS ’54)

Tiger is a world-renowned anthropologist, with numerous awards, publications and has held numerous teaching positions. His work has focused on connecting natural sciences to social sciences to justify that human behavior is natural. He is currently the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University and a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense on […]

Lily Trokenberg-Hechtman (BBHS ’59)

Dr. Lily Hechtman is a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at McGill University and director of ADHD research in the division of child psychiatry. She is a child psychiatrist and an internationally recognized researcher in ADHD. Dr. Hechtman’s research has focused on long-term prospective studies of children with ADHD followed into adolescence and adulthood. Dr. […]