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Irving Layton
Waiting for the Messiah: A Memoir
Toronto: McCelland and Stewart, 1985


In this memoir Layton devotes a couple of chapters to his years at Baron Byng which can be found below. He recounts the reaction of his family when he announced he would go onto high school, the trepidation he felt on his first day, teachers such as Mr. Hoover, Mr. Calder, Mr. Sanders and Mr. Rexford among others. He writes about how beautifully Mr. Sanders read poetry and how it influenced him and his love for literature and subsequently writing. His years at BBHS were often tedious, unsatisfying and contentious — a battle of wills between  Mr. Steeve  and Layton led to his expulsion one month before writing his matriculations. David Lewis (BBHS 27′), a good friend, urged him to write his mariculations at McGill and arranged for A.M. Klein (BBHS’26) to tutor him in Latin. An ensuing friendship developed between these giants of Canadian Literature.


Click below to read excerpts from Waiting for the Messiah in which Layton specifically talks about BBHS.


Excerpt from Waiting for the Messiah, (Chapter 5)

Excerpt from Waiting for the Messiah, (Chapter 8)